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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Illinois School of Architecture Fall 2022 Lecture Series: Confronting Climate: Heather Quinley

The Illinois School of Architecture's Fall 2022 Lecture Series is tiled "Confronting Climate".

The Illinois School of Architecture Lecture Series | Fall 2022

"Duke Energy Sustainability Update" - Event Description

ESG is essential to who we are. It is fundamental to the objectives and makeup of our entire company, from how we generate power and decarbonize our fleet, to the role we play in society. This focus defines our success as we put capital to work to deliver sustainable value to our stakeholders and shareholders. We are committed to a future that offers reliable, accessible and affordable clean energy for all customers and areas we serve. Achieving this vision will require us to transition to low- and zero-emissions generation and fuel sources, to invest in our communities, and to develop and prepare a diverse workforce.

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