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Information Sciences 503: History of Children's Literature--Media Search and Use Guide: Home

Information related to finding and using media for the digital publishing assignment for IS503.

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This guide outlines rights issues and search resources for use of digital media such as images and video in the digital publishing assignment LIS 503 class. If you have questions copyright issues in this guide, please contact Copyright Librarian Sara Benson ( Please use the designated course forum in Canvas to ask technical questions.

Another Option: Digitize It Yourself!

If an item you are interested in only exists in print, or if it is a public domain item but the digital copy you are accessing has a restrictive license attached that you would not want to comply with (such as requiring permission for the item even though out of copyright), you also have the option of digitizing it for use yourself using a library copy or another legally obtained copy. If the item is not in the public domain you will still need to do a fair use assessment as described in the tab of rights and permissions. If our library has a copy, you have the following options:

  • Digitize the item using the scanners in the library. In particular you can go to the Scholarly Commons  for help with digitization using high quality scanners. This may be the best option if you have an on campus group member, because the image quality will be best.
  • DocExpress--Distance students (e.g., enrolled as Leep students) can request a scan of articles or short sections of books if the item only exists in print format in the library. This could include a scan of a section with images you want to use. Be sure to follow the instructions in the distance learner's guide to be sure you get this service for free as a distance student.

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