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ARCH 321/521: Environment, Architecture, and Global Health: Home

This guide is intended to introduce students of ARCH 321 to the Library and resources available for research.

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Subjects: Art & Architecture

ARCH 321/521

Course Introduction/Description 


How does place affect your health and well-being? How can architects design for better health and wellbeing? This course addresses topics at the intersection of the built environment and human health around the globe and engages students in reading, discussing, and applying the results of the latest research and translational studies linking design to health in a range of diverse cultural contexts. Students will consider the application of research to everyday practices and decision making, as well as to professional design, planning, and community health practices.


The guide index is listed at the top, just click the tabs to navigate. If you need additional help with your research or have any questions, contact Ricker Library at you can also book an individual research appointment via Zoom using this link or click below!


Health and Wellbeing Program in the Illinois School of Architecture

The Health and Wellbeing Program Area focuses on relationships among people, the environments they inhabit, and resulting physical and mental health consequences. Topics covered in HWB at UIUC include diversity (race/ethnicity/culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical and cognitive ability), social justice and equity, environment-behavior, human sensory systems, medicine, and public health. Armed with this knowledge, students are prepared to enter the design professions with the ability to improve wellbeing for the U.S. and around the world.