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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Library Resources & Services for Illinois Natural History Survey Staff: Natural History Library Collections

This guide is intended to provide information about University Library resources and services to the staff of the Illinois Natural History Survey.

Natural History Funds

The University Library allocates funds to for acquisitions of library materials in natural history, which are used to purchase books and media, and to subscribe to print and online journals and electronic databases.   University Library funding also supports acquisitions in closely related disciplines.  The University Library also manages charitable donations supporting library acquisitions, including the John K. Bouseman Natural History Survey Library Endowment Fund.  

Natural History Book Acquisitons

New Materials at the Funk ACES Library

Materials purchased with natural history funds are housed at the Funk ACES Library, along with materials purchased with funds supporting the related disciplines of biology, agricultural consumer and environmental sciences, and city planning and landscape architecture. Browse new materials added to Funk ACES from the last 60 days, or see the titles new this week in the list below.


New Natural History Materials in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library

The Rare Book and Manuscript Library has an outstanding collection of rare natural history texts, and acquisitions continue.  Browse all titles added in the past 60 days, or see a sample below.



Natural history funds pay for or contribute to subscriptions to the following resources.  (Note that many, many subscription resources that support natural history research are purchased from other funds.)  


Electronic Packages

Individual Electronic Journals

Print plus Electronic Journals

Print Journals

Print Memberships and Packages