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Designing Infographics on the Web

This guide provides a list of resources for learning about and creating infographics.

Introduction's goal is to enable novices to create infographs without the hassle of having to learn a complex system. They intentionally mirrored Microsoft Word in order to reduce the learning curve and create an intuitive experience. All of their features are clearly labeled with large buttons that are easy to identify and use. Additionally, their pre-formatted designs allow you to create a poster within minutes. This is a good option for people who need a poster fast.


  • Simplified layering process
  • A search feature which locates stock photos that can be integrated onto your project - no need to worry about copyright!
  • A lock feature prevents elements from being moved
  • Webinars and articles to improve your understanding of infographic design
  • Group feature to enable sharing and collaboration


  • Limited number of graphics
  • Easy to grab the wrong object when objects are placed near or on each other
  • Only available in seven sizes
  • Only four chart types in the free version


The Benefits of Pro Accounts

  storage Download Formats Watermark Content Privacy
Basic none

Low resolution


60 images

10 fonts


Pro none

High resolution



Professional made templates

50+ fonts

Uploadable content



Sample Infographic