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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Digital Business Research for BUS 101

BUS 101

Resource Guide Introduction

The purpose of this guide is to introduce and lead you to the various resources, free on the Internet and subscription databases available through the University Library regarding doing business in various countries.   It will also provide some tips for searching the various databases. This is not an exhaustive list as the University Library has hundreds of databases but this guide is designed to be more focused for your capstone project.

Note: you will need your net ID and password for accessing the resources and a DUO account when accessing them outside of the libraries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I click on the database link provided in this guide, I see this.  What do I do?
    • A: Select the one that reads Online Full Text and Click the Go icon.

  • When I'm away from campus, and I click on the database or resource link, I get a pop-up asking me for my Illinois Net ID and Password.  Is this usual?  A:  It is.  You are using the database via a server that authorizes you to use it.   Once you've logged in,  you can use a number of databases.  However, if you leave the window open and don't use it after 10-15 minutes, it "times out" and requires you to log on again.
  • Can I search the databases like I use Google?   A:  Yes and No.   You can use "key words" as you do with Google, but as these are indexed with subjects or business terms, you should think of synonyms.  But when searching with country terms, for example, you have to type the country's given name and not necessarily the acronym (DNC, vs Congo).    The advantage of using a database that the library subscribes to is that it helps target/narrow the search and not get too many results to wade through.