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Soviet Union Research Guide - Ms. Schoeplein: Online Resources

A guide for the subfreshmen class of 2023 regarding the Soviet Union.

What you'll find on this page

This page contains online databases and newspaper resources. Please note that specific research tips for these sources can be found on the topic-specific tabs for each group. If you're interested in acquiring books, there are links to the catalog on the right; however, there are books detailed later on in this guide that will be available on the reserve cart. If you would like to request your own books, it would be wise to do this as one of your first steps as some books might take a few days to arrive (and books are not required for this project).

[Reminder: Library Catalog is for local UIUC resources and I-Share is a state-wide system and is used if UIUC resources don't have what you need.]

Online databases

General overview

E-book access and magazines

Databases that will give you access to articles and historical data

Newspaper Resources

Finding Books Online