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Subbie Astronomy - Ms. Denos: Home

Assignment Overview

Find Ms. Denos' assignment here on the Subfreshman wiki

A few quick links to articles

Having trouble finding an article from a popular science news source that also leads you to the original research paper? Here are a few to choose from. To find the original research paper, follow the instructions in the box to the right.

Citation Smarts

For help with citing your sources...

Popular Science Websites

Look through these for astronomy project inspiration. All links lead to the site's astronomy pages, so you should be good to go!

One caveat: if you're off campus, you may not be able to read the entirety of an article without being asked to pay. Keep your wallet closed and follow these simple steps:
        1. Try searching the University Library database of Online Journals; enter the name of
            the journal, select "Starts with," then click Go. Follow the links to the desired journal            database.
        2. If you can't find it there, look up (and print!) the article when you get to
            school-- so don't wait until the last minute to search!


These databases search scholarly journals and should help you locate original publications of research. Ask Ms. Harris or Ms. Atkinson for help if you have trouble finding what you need.