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Social Work 427: Social Work Research Methods: Finding Interventions

Class Guide created for SOCW427

Searching Databases

Scholarly journal articles are one of the primary means of communicating research ideas. You can find research on interventions published in the Social Work field by locating journal articles. You can find articles through database searches. The University of Illinois Library subscribes to numerous article databases (lists of article citations and sometimes full-text) that can be used to search for journal articles on your research topic. Some databases cover many disciplines, while others are subject-specific.

Quick Access to All Social Work Databases

Social Work Reference Center

New Gray Literature Database PsycEXTRA

Gray literature is documentary material that is not controlled by commercial publishers, such as  unpublished manuscripts, white papers, conference papers, government document, and so on. The publisher of gray literature might be organizations and associations, government agencies, universities, and corporations.