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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

History 203A: Riots, Revolutions, and Revolts.

Guide to researching roles for the Reacting to the Past module on American Revolution, women's suffrage, labor rights, Greenwich Village ca. 1913, and the Chicago Democratic National Convention protests in 1968.


On this page are digital collections of documents that do not fit into any of the traditional categories of library resources. In some cases these collections are mixtures of document types (some books, some periodical issues, some newspaper clippings); in other cases they are digital collections of unpublished sources, typically found in archives, and in fact many of these collections are simply digitized archival collections, and are organized like archival collections. Some knowledge of archival organization will therefore be helpful to you in using these collections.

You can find more digital collections by using our Digital Collections Guide:


Women's Suffrage