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How to embed videos to your Canvas page

If you think your students would benefit from these videos, please feel free to embed a video in your Canvas course by following the instructions below.

These instructions are for adding Media Space videos using Media Space's embed function.  To add videos from different platforms, you will need to find alternative instructions for finding those videos' embedding code.

  1. Find the video you want to share and use the Media Space link to go to the video's webpage

2. Under the video on the Media Space page, there is a row of tabs that read "Details", "Attachments" and "Share". Click the "Share" option. You may need to scroll down slightly to see this row of tabs.

3. Scroll down slightly to see the Share options better. Select the middle "Embed" option from the top row of tabs.

4. On the Embed page, you can simply right click and copy the grey highlighted text in the box.

Alternatively, you can customize the embedding code to better fit your needs. Below the embed code you can:

  • Set specific start and end times if you only want students to watch a segment of the video
  • Adjust the player size to make the video bigger or smaller on your Canvas page

5. On your Canvas Course, open the page that you want to add the video to and enter the "Edit" mode.  Place your cursor in the location you want the video to appear and choose the select the vertical line of three dots on the end of the top row:

6. Select the cloud icon

7. The embed code box will appear. Paste the embed code that you copied from the Media Space page into this box. Hit submit when you are done.

9. Be sure to add the link to Media Space page under the embedded video so students can access the transcript and other accessibility files associated with the video. This is also helpful for students if the embedded video isn't working correctly for them due to browser issues etc.

8. Click "Save" if you still have work to do on the page, or, if the page is ready for viewing, click "Save & Publish" Your video is now viewable in your canvas page!