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History 200C: Queer Sexualities

Introduces history majors to basic research library concepts, both for use in this course and in preparation for History 498. Provides both a broad overview of the source types collected by research libraries, as well as lists of specific sources relevant

Government Documents and the Library

Due to the historically decentralized nature of the government in the United States, there is no single source for locating government documents, and the organization and accessibility of these documents are idiosyncratic, depending on the level and place of government you are researching (e.g. federal, state, county, township, municipal).

Even within the same level of government, the publication, retention, and organization of documents will vary by branch of government (legislative, judicial, executive), and even within the same branch (e.g. executive) you will find variances between agencies, and between the same agency at different periods of time.

Unpublished Federal documents are acquired, organized, and stored by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The NARA, as the name suggests, is an archive, and organizes documents, like other archives, by provenance. In the case of the NARA, provenance generally means originating agency.

Published Federal documents are distributed to libraries through the Federal Depository Library Program, and can be identified using the Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications and also through library catalogs.

For more help finding government documents, contact the Government Information librarian, Sanga Sung.

Below are digital collections of both published and unpublished documents:

Legislative (Federal)

Executive (Federal)


Other Collections