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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Library Pedometer Challenge

Contact Us!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Folks from the Wellness Committee will be monitoring this email and answer your questions.

REMEMBER...Do This for You! Do this to feel good and to be a better and healthier parent, spouse, friend, and co-worker...they all need you around and at your best. This Challenge is about encouragement and wellness!

Good Luck and Get Walking!

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The Library and the Wellness Group are pleased to bring you the 2016 Library Pedometer Challenge!

Do you need an excuse to get moving after a long winter? Are you eager for a little friendly competition?

Starting Monday, April 4th through Friday, May 1st you have the opportunity to get involved in the Annual Library Pedometer Challenge!


The Library (courtesy of John Wilkin) will be providing Pedometer Challenge participants with a FREE pedometer. We purchased Yamax SW-200 Digi-Walkers. (Product Reviews).

Participants may pick up a complimentary pedometer in Library HR (Room 127) beginning, Wednesday, March 30. If you received a pedometer last year we are asking you to use it again this year. If you are picking up pedometers for someone else on your team or in your library, you will need to provide their name and also sign your name.

Rules and Procedures

  1. Register as an individual or select a team of 2-5 members from the Library. Students that work in your unit are welcome to join. Think of a team name and decide on a Team Captain.  The Captain or the individual will E-MAIL the team name and the names of all team members by 5pm on April 3th.  If you would like to be assigned a team please note that on your registration.
  2. Wear a pedometer every day from April 4th to May 1st. Record your steps on your calendar, through online tools or calculate your steps using an app for your phone. Here are some walking route planner and app examples.
  3. On Monday morning each week, turn in your steps for each day to your Team Captain. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to record these on the team spreadsheets, which will calculate your daily average for the week, and to e-mail these totals on the spreadsheets by 5pm Monday. Your Team Captain and individual participants will email the team's average (and spreadsheet) to  Please try to stay with these deadlines so that we can send out results in a timely manner.

  4. Once we receive all of the numbers for the week, we will send out a list of all of the individual and team averages. Try to increase your average each week!


For Teams and Individual:

At the end of the four weeks, we'll calculate the total average steps of each team over the course of the 4 weeks. Certificates will be awarded to the top team.  Top individuals not on a winning team will also receive a certificate.

Teams and individuals who did not place in the top will be reviewed for the highest change in steps over the 4 weeks. The team and individual that improve the most will also receive certificates.  The team and the individual with the highest average, of course, will have bragging rights for the next year!

Everyone who turns in their steps on time for all four weeks will be eligible for a prize (courtesy of Dean Wilkin) if we meet our Library goal of walking to all four libraries.  We will have a time set aside in May to hand out our prize.  If we all start walking we can meet our challenge!