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ORCID : Optimizing Your ORCID Record

Provides information about obtaining an ORCID iD and making use of the ORCID record.

Using the Search & Link Wizard

Adding a Trusted Individual

Further Considerations

Add a second email 

ORCID strongly recommends adding at least one backup email address so you can recover your ORCID record in case you lose access to your primary email (e.g., when moving to a new employer). 

Opt for import

Avoid manual data entry where possible. When entering Funding and Works items into the ORCID record, researchers are strongly advised to import those items via Trusted Organizations (employers, funders, publishers, etc.) or by using ORCID’s “Search & Link” wizards. Not only do these workflows reduce administrative burden, they ensure that the data is delivered from trustworthy sources, which is indicated by a “trust marker” appended to the item record in ORCID. 

"Only me" visibility reduces usability 

ORCID's interoperability with other systems has the potential to greatly reduce the amount of time the researcher spends manually re-entering details about themselves and their work. However, restricting the visibility of an item to “Only me” will prevent that item from being available for use in those other connected systems. 

Adding Content

"Enter once, re-use often." Beyond name disambiguation, another major benefit of the ORCID record is the researcher's ability to use it as a centralized storehouse of data about their work and professional activity--data that can then be quickly and easily shared with a growing number of publisher, funder, and employer systems without having to re-type it each time.

Some types of content that are likely to facilitate discovery and further distinguish you from other researchers include: current and former names under which you’ve published, a brief biography or research statement, current and former employment affiliations, links to your other web profiles or social media, and research-related keywords.

See "Building your ORCID record and connecting your iD" for further information.

Importing Works and Funding

Details about your publications, presentations, performances, and so on (Works), as well as grants and awards (Funding), can be added to your ORCID record through a variety of ways--including automated import from authorized systems (Trusted organizations) or use of ORCID's "Search and Link" Wizards to find and retrieve data from authoritative sources.

See "Add works to your ORCID record" for further information.

Visibility Settings

There are three visibility options that may be applied to content in your ORCID record: 

  • Image of "everyone" visibility setting  Everyone: Information can be viewed by visitors to the ORCID website or via the ORCID public API.
  • Image of "trusted parties" visibility setting  Trusted parties: Information can be viewed by Trusted Organizations and/or Trusted Individuals you have authorized to have access to your ORCID record.
  • Image of  "only me" visibility setting  Only me: Information can only be viewed by you and Trusted Individuals you have authorized to have access to your ORCID record.

Unless you choose otherwise, the visibility option “Everyone” will be applied to all items added to your ORCID record (except for your email address, which is set to “Only me” by default). Subsequently, visibility settings may be adjusted at the individual item level.

See "Visibility settings" for further information.

Authorizing a Trusted Individual

It is possible to establish a Trusted Individual (or Account Delegate) to help you manage and update your ORCID record.  

  1. The potential Trusted Individual must have previously registered for their own ORCID iD. 
  2. After logging in to your ORCID record, navigate to “Trusted parties” by clicking on the down arrow next to your name near the upper-right corner of the screen. 

    Image of ORCID account drop-down menu

  3. Under the heading “Trusted individuals”, search for and add the person(s) you would like to grant permission to update your ORCID record. Permission may be revoked at any time. 

    Image of "trusted individuals" section of ORCID account
  4. The Trusted Individual may then make updates on your behalf by first logging in to their own ORCID record and then clicking the “Switch to another account” link and switching to your record.

    Image of option to switch to another researcher's account within ORCID


See "Add a trusted individual to your account" for further information.