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Using Multimedia in your Research

This guide goes over the basics of incorporating multimedia into research projects and presentations and accompanies a Savvy Researcher Workshop.


Using images appeals to people who like to learn through images and visual representations. Combining images with words reinforces the information.


Finding Images and Video Guide

Digital Collections Image Search

Creative Commons

Noun Project

Learning Objects Guide

Infographics and Data Visualization are a good way to visualize research data as a snapshot or image of your research process or results. Typically infographics are made with the data collected for an individual research project.


Infographics Guide

Visualize Your Data Guide

​You may also be able to find already made infographics or data visualizations through resources like Google Images


Videos provide video and auditory information and can be a great source of primary and secondary research.


Find Films and Video Guide

Kanopy has educational films and documentaries

TedTalks are short educational videos

Youtube has educational content through institutional channels like the Library of Congress


Podcasts appeal to auditory learners and. Podcasts are a newer form of media and many are made for entertainment purposes, but some podcasts are well-researched and can be a great source of primary and secondary research. Podcasts are readily available for anyone to listen to through listening platforms or online.


Apple Podcasts (must be listened to on iTunes)

Google Podcasts (must install the application)


University of Illinois Researchers and Alumni podcasts 

NPR Podcasts

Some podcasts will include citations in their show notes. These can often be found on the website for the podcast.