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One Book One Campus: Ms. Marvel #1: No Normal


This guide serves as an informational resource for Illinois students and staff hoping to learn more about the 2017-2018 One Book One Campus selection, Ms. Marvel #1: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson. Here you will find more information on:

  • Potential research topics involving navigating questions of identity, faith, and assimilation
  • Recommended resources for searching these topics
  • Discussion questions and ideas for the classroom or small group
  • Information about G. Willow Wilson and her visit to campus

The infographic above was adapted from the Undergraduate Library's infographic template.
All information on the infographic is also accessible on this LibGuide in screen-readable text.

Discussion Questions

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund provides an extensive list of discussion questions on the Ms. Marvel series. They may be helpful in a small group, classroom, or informal setting. Use them to spark discussion on the book and add questions you may have from the stories:

  1. Plot and discuss Kamala’s struggle balancing her Muslim Pakistani background with her Jersey City background. Discuss whether her struggles are unique to culturally diverse teens or more universal struggles felt by most American teens.
  2. Discuss issues of assimilation touched upon in this book. Compare and contrast and how Bruno, Nakia, Kamala, and Aamir (Kamala’s brother) all deal the need to fit in and with the rules and restrictions of the world around them.
  3. Search and discuss Wilson and Alphona’s use of imagery, simile, and hyperbole to help tell their story. For example you might discuss Captain America’s metaphor: “We are faith. We speak all languages of beauty and hardship.” (Issue #1)
  4. Discuss how cultural values can shape who and what we are. Consider your own cultural folklore and how it has shaped your identity.
  5. Evaluate how Alphona draws his main and supporting characters. Discuss how he adds personality in each of his character’s visual rendering.

The Story Behind The Story: Ms. Marvel

Check back for more information on campus events corresponding to the comic and Ms. Wilson's work.