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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Phase 1: PBL, Medical Engineering & Translational Sciences

Documents for Introduction to EBM

  • Open the Clinical Cases document & choose one case that you will use for today's activities
  • Open the Foundations 2021 EBM worksheet
    • Write your name, email, and the case number that you chose
  • Using the PICO tables on the form, develop one diagnosis question and one therapy question for your case
  • Save the form (add your initials to the filename) -- you will submit the form after today's session
  • Select one of your PICO questions
  • From the Introduction to EBM page, use 2 different resources from those listed under Study & Clinical Tools in the Quick Links box on the left to search for "evidence" that addresses your question
  • Type responses to prompts on the worksheet
  • Remember to save your work as you go
  • Use the PubMed link from the Quick Links box
  • Search PubMed for studies that address your PICO question
  • On the worksheet:
    • Record your search strategy, including terms, limits, and/or filters
    • Copy and paste the citations for the best articles that you find
  • Remember to save your work as you go
  • Select one of the three studies from PubMed that you think best address your PICO. Copy and paste the citation into the worksheet
  • Using the appropriate table to assess the article you chose, score the evidence from the study
    • Table 1: RCT, cohort study, case control, case series, case report 
    • Table 2: Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis
  • What would you recommend?
  • Save all your work
  • Email completed worksheet to