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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ME 470

Welcome to the course page. The library is a resource that exists for YOU!

Meet your group's GELIC contact:

Each group has a designated consultant available to help with any questions, connect students to Grainger Engineering Library resources, and assist in the research process overall. Look for your group in the list below, and please reach out to your contact via email.


Team 1, Bicycle Fit - Julia Cardinal

Team 2, CAPSLocks - Skylar Lucci

Team 3, Darnell Anywhere - Skylar Lucci

Team 4, Electric Propulsion Competition - William Goad

Team 5, Firefighter Helmet Decontamination - Benjamin Eskin Shapson

Team 6, Flo Coat Testing - Marlene Santora

Team 7, Flow Process for Battery Material Production - Megan Sapp-Nelson

Team 8, Flytray and Beyond - Przemyslaw Bosak

Team 9, MOPASS - Lauren Shaffer

Team 10, Optimized 3D printed internal fluid cores - Alex Cabada

Team 11, Paracentra - Miki Graf

Team 12, Pulsed Jet System - Monica Carroll

Team 13, Rat Hole Locator - Nicole Walley

Team 14, Solar Desalination  - Megan Sapp-Nelson

Team 15, SpinalVision - Laurel Darling

Team 16, Spring Inspection - Monica Carroll

Team 17, Streak Image Generator - Przemyslaw Bosak

Team 18, Test Chamber Shutoff - Alex Cabada

Team 19, Torque Limiting Impact Socket - Chris Wiley

Team 20, Wall Actuation - Skylar Lucci

Team 20, Water Hammer - Chris Wiley