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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ME 470

Welcome to the course page. The library is a resource that exists for YOU!

Meet your group's GELIC contact:

Each group has a designated consultant available to help with any questions, connect students to Grainger Engineering Library resources, and assist in the research process overall. Look for your group in the list below, and please reach out to your contact via email.


Abbott Enerdrape System - Julia Cardinal

CAPSLocks - Skylar Lucci

Cloud Manufacturing Implementation - Will Goad

Cuttoff Blade (Alpha team) - Chris Wiley

Cutoff Blade (Omega team) - Chris Wiley

Darnell Anywhere Upgrades - Benjamin Eskin Shapson

Door Vibration Dampening - Benjamin Eskin Shapson

Economizer Analysis Tool - Marly Santora

Electric Boat Competition (Alpha team) - Will Goad

Electric Boat Competition (Omega team) - Alex Cabada

Floating Wind Turbine - Miki Graf

Nucleation Actuator - Alex Cabada

Friction Measurements - Przemyslaw Bosak

Heat Pump Desalination  - Tanisha Roman

Phase Change Heat Exchanger - Laurel Darling

Paracentra -  Miki Graf

Self-Adjusting Wiper - Julia Cardinal

Shear Layer Tunnel - Megan Sapp-Nelson

Spinalvision - Laurel Darling

Spindle Vibration - Przemyslaw Bosak

Thrust Stand - Marly Santora

Topology Optimization - Skylar Lucci

Universal Super Fitting (Alpha team) - Monica Carroll

Universal Super Fitting (Omega team) - Monica Carroll