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Printing -- Lithography Topic Hub: Reasons for Change

Basic information on lithographic printing, including pollution prevention options and links to additional resources.

Reasons for Change

Why change?

  • To reduce risk exposure for employees.
  • To reduce workers compensation, fire and liability insurance costs.
  • To improve credit worthiness as a result of reduced risk of contaminated property concerns.
  • To improve operational efficiency (reduce material costs).
  • To improve product and work environment.
  • To gain or maintain market advantage.
  • To reduce or eliminate applicability of environmental regulations (reduce disposal costs and annual permit fees).

How to change

  • Benchmark operations using compliance & pollution prevention checklists.
  • Identify options/alternatives for action.
  • Consider ramifications of not making a change, review future risk.
  • Consider how recent changes in regulation apply to past activities that were at one time legal.
  • Act on best alternative.
  • Evaluate change and document measurable reductions. This may require a long-term evaluation/review.
  • Obtain assistance from trade associations, peers, and environmental assistance organizations (State & University programs).