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Illinois Leadership Competencies: Interpersonal/Team: Relationship Mgmt

Effective leadership requires working with and influencing others to achieve common goals and shared vision. Leaders need to develop skills for building personal, authentic, and productive relationships.

What is Relationship Management?


A great leader builds and maintains healthy and productive relationships, as well as adapts personal interaction style to build relationships in a variety of environments.

Relationship management usually focuses on the relationships between businesses and their customers, but it is also an important aspect of team building. When leaders build and maintain healthy and productive relationships, in both formal and informal settings, they create valuable connections that can last a lifetime.

The resources in this section give insight into the importance of making connections and maintaining relationships in a variety of environments, as well as tips on how to successfully manage your relationships and create a sense of community in your organization. 

Books on Relationship Management

Podcast on Networking

In this podcast, John  dispels the myths about networking, discusses how to network without seeming like you're network, shares the tools he uses to keep track and keep in touch with his contacts, and much more.

Web Resources

The first two article discuss the importance of maintaining relationships as a leader so that it won't become "lonely at the top." When you cultivate healthy relationships with your employees, you create a more efficient and productive environment. The next two articles focus on networking, and tips to network as a college student and in the workplace.