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Illinois Leadership Competencies: Community/Society: Getting Started

Community/Society Level of Leadership

Leadership Competencies

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The Integrity Leadership program focuses on the skills necessary for interpersonal and organizational ethical leadership. Students who participate in Integrity are faced with ethical challenges and learn how to successfully navigate them with the help of skilled facilitators.


The Innovation Leadership program focuses on skills related to innovation, creativity, and diversity of idea in problem solving. Students who participate in Innovation will develop skills in these areas and also an understanding of their dominant problem solving style and its impact on organizations and people.


The Imprint Leadership program focuses on skills necessary for displaying leadership during times of personal and professional transition. Students develop skills in managing themselves during times of change; and learn how to develop, and maintain, the personal and professional networks necessary to sustain success in any environment.

About this Guide

The values and actions of individuals, teams, and organizations interact with and affect the broader communities in which they are situated.  Leaders are role models and influencers with several communities simultaneously, and must possess skills and attitudes consistent with success in this larger context.

This guide is intended to explore each competency of the community/society level of the leadership competencies. Leadership competencies are cumulative, so we recommend exploring the other levels if you have yet to do so. Use the texts, videos, programs, and activities in this guide to understand and become a role model in your community.