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Hinduism Research Guide: Finding Books

A guide for beginning research in Hinduism

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Krishna, Radha, and the Gopis Meet a Young Prince

"Krishna, Radha, and the Gopis Meet a Young Prince (Unknown Artist) , 1995.75,” Harvard Art Museums collections online, Nov 30, 2021,

Finding Books

Library Subject Headings 

The subject heading Hinduism links to many results. Refine your search with more focused subjects. Here is a sample of subjects relating to Hinduism (you may also want to refine by language and medium) 

  • RELIGION -- Hinduism -- General
  • Hinduism
  • Hinduism -- Social aspects
  • Women in Hinduism
  • Hindu goddesses
  • Hinduism and politics
  • Mahābhārata -- Criticism, interpretation, etc
  • RELIGION -- Hinduism -- Sacred Writings
  • RELIGION -- Hinduism -- History
  • RELIGION-- Hinduism--Rituals & Practice

Browse the Shelves

Browse the Shelves

Books on Hinduism can be found in both the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library as well as the Main Stacks. These collections are contain both Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal Call Numbers.   

Library of Congress

BL1100-1295 Hinduism

BL1100-1107.5 General

BL1108.2-1108.7 Religious education

BL1109.2-1109.7 Antiquities. Archaeology 

BL1111-1143.2 Sacred Books. Sources 

BL1112.2-1137.5 Vedic Texts

BL1140.2-1140.4 Purānas

BL1141.2-1142.6 Tantric Texts 

BL1145-1146 Hindu Literature 

BL1153.7-1168 By region or country 

BL1212.32-1215 Doctrines. Theology 

BL1216-1225 Hindu Pantheon 

BL1225.2-1243.58 Religious Life 

BL1243.72-1243.78 Monasteries. Temples, etc 

BL1271.2-1295 Modifications. Sects

BL1284.5-1289.592  Vaishnavism

Dewey Decimal 294.5