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About this Guide

This guide provides resources to help viewers of the show learn more about the artist and the themes of the show.

About the Artist- provides resources by and about Hal Fischer

Seriality, Sexuality, and Semiotics- the three main themes of the show, these pages are meant to help viewers understand the concept behind them and their use in photography and art

San Francisco in the 1970's- provides the historical context of the period that Fischer was creating his art in

Portrait, Word, and Image- explains some of the form and technique utilized by Fischer, while also providing other examples in photography

Fair Use Guidelines

Materials accessed in this guide are provided for personal and/or scholarly use.  Users are responsible for obtaining any copyright permissions that may be required for their own further uses of that material.  For more information about fair use please refer to the College Art Association Code of Best Practices in Fair Use in the Visual Arts.




About the Show: 

Hal Fischer Photographs: Seriality, Sexuality, Semiotics is on display at the Krannert Art Museum August 26th, 2021-December 22, 2021. This show "presents a first full retrospective of his work, showcasing all his photographic series, which were created in San Francisco during the late 1970s—the heyday of gay liberation" (from the exhibit website).  

About the Curator


Dr. Tim Dean is the James M. Benson Professor in English at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Dean’s research on human sexuality encompasses historical, cultural, philosophical, and psychoanalytic perspectives. He is particularly interested in what kinds of vocabularies are available, at different historical moments, for talking about sex. His books include: Gary Snyder and the American Unconscious (1991), Beyond Sexuality (2000), Homosexuality and Psychoanalysis (2001), A Time for the Humanities (2008), Unlimited Intimacy: Reflections on the Subculture of Barebacking (listed in the “Top 10 Books of 2009” by, Porn Archives (2014), and Hatred of Sex (2021). In addition to research on sexuality, he writes about poetry and poetics, and teaches courses on poetry in the University of Illinois English Department (from the exhibit website). 

About KAM and the Collection


Krannert Art Museum (KAM) is a museum of fine arts that houses the University of Illinois art collection. This link will provide you with more information about the museum, the collection, exhibitions, and events at KAM.