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Finding Statistics

How and where to find statistics on a variety of topics.

Psychology and Social Science Statistics

Psychology & the Social Sciences

If you're interested in statistics in the fields of psychology or social science, the SSHEL library has a guide for many additional statistical sources.

The what and why of statistics

Statistics can help provide concrete examples of a larger trend, give the basis for an important chart or graph, or make theoretical arguments tangible.

There are two main branches of statistics:

  • Descriptive--concerns the numerical or quantitative data alone, and can help draw conclusions about a sample, rather than a population.
  • Inferential--concerns the conclusions drawn about an entire population which are infered through the results of a random sampling of a population

Be aware of bias in statistics! Numbers can be manipulated, and charts and graphs can be arranged to give a certain impression. Always double-check your facts!

Can't find what you're looking for?

Try resources on the web: 100+ of the Best Free Data Sources For Your Next Project 

Contact your subject specialists or our Statistics Librarian for additional assistance.