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Easy Search for LibGuides: Instructions

Premade Easy Search boxes to incorporate into LibGuides.

Instructions - Reuse Box

  1. Click Add Box
    Add a Box link on the Libguides edit screen
  2. Choose Reuse Existing Box
  3. Search and select "Easy Search for LibGuides" guide, and then find Subject Specific Easy Search box or Easy Search - Full Version box. For example, select "Easy Search - Arts and Humanities" box to reuse the box with embeded Arts and Humanities Easy Search widget.
    Select Easy search for LIbGuides guide and reuse exsisting Easy Search widget box from Reuse existing box screen
  4. (Optional) Enter a Box Name if you wish to have a customized title for your box.
  5. Click Save when done.

Instructions - Reuse Widget

The easy search widget itself is also reusable. To find and reuse an easy search widget, you will:

  1. Add a Standard Box in the column where you would like to add it.
  2. Click the Add / Reorder button and then choose Media/Widget.
  3. From the Reuse Existing Widget tab, search the easy search widget by typing in its title in the search box. For example, type "Easy Search - Arts and Humanities" if you wish to reuse the arts and humanities easy search widget.  
  4. Click Save when done.


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