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Chekhov: A Bibliographic Research Guide: Chekhov on Stage & Screen

Research sources and strategies for the life and literature of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov and their impact, 1860-present, including bibliographies, databases, encyclopedias, archives, search strategies and more


The category "Chekhoviana," like "Pushkiniana," generally includes every conceivable item related to the author in question (see the description of I.F. Masanov's Chekhoviana, for example).  Editions of Chekhov's works and literary criticism of those works is being covered elsewhere in this guide.  The focus here is on derivative works based on Chekhov's own -- i.e., on particular productions of his plays, or movies based on his works.

Historical Productions: Reviews and Criticism

A.P. Chekhov v russkoi teatralnoi kritike : kommentirovannaia, antologiia / A.P. Kuzicheva.  Moskva: Chekhovskii poligraficheskii kombinat, 1999.


UIUC call no. 891.73 C41 DK9697

This unique anthology collects in one volume a huge number of brief pieces related to critical responses to theatrical adaptations of Chekhov’s works.  The anthology was compiled over a span of several years in the manuscript division of the Russian State library.  It encompasses materials that would be otherwise extraordinarily time consuming to locate.  These include press reviews of play productions, both in the Petersburg and Moscow, and in the provinces.  The reaction to Chekhov’s plays are extracted from journals, newspapers, memoirs and letters.  The work is divided into two parts, with the first, 1887-1904, covering the period of the author’s life, and the second one, brings the coverage to 1917. For more detailed information on the source see its entry in the Chekhov criticism tab. Chekhov on Stage

Feb-web has been mentioned several times on this LibGuide as it offers a wealth of information on Chekhov. The image below shows the list of sources Feb-web deemed important in the study of Chekhov on Stage or Чехоб на Сцене. The entries are not full text, but rather bibliographic citations of books on the topic. This would be an excellent source to reference when looking at Chekhoviana in terms of productions of Chekhov's plays over time. 



If you are interested in Russian/Soviet film you will find a wealth of information as well as full length films on the web.  YouTube has an excellent channel with a number of films, the MosFilm Channel.  There are an even larger number of films available at the Mosfilm website.  Many of the films available here have the option of viewing a version with subtitles or one that is dubbed.  There are 580 films available, including film adaptations of Chekhov's works, so if you like films you are bound to find something here to interest you.

All of the movies ... really

If you are interested in tracking virtually any movie produced by the pre-revolutionary Russia and then the Soviet Union on Chekhov or his works, from 1908-present time, you will be interested in this database put together by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

For the latest history of Russian cinema, visit this portal. Here you can search for the recent Russian movies, learn about film festivals, various film-related organizations and people connected with the Russian cinema.

Contemporary Productions: Criticism and Reviews


image source: New York Times