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Classical Philology: Ancient Greek: Home

At the intersection of literary studies, linguistics, and history, Classical philology--the study of the languages and literatures of Greek and Roman Antiquity--has been a cornerstone of the humanities since the Renaissance. The University of Illinois Department of the Classics has an illustrious tradition in this field, going back over a century to such luminaries as William Abbot Oldfather and Arthur Stanley Pease. That strength, both historic and ongoing, is reflected in the development and composition of the Classics Library Collection, among the world's greatest holdings of Ancient Greek and Latin texts, commentaries, and monographic studies. 

Our digital resources are no less impressive, encompassing all of the major online databases and access to hundreds of journals.

This guide offers an overview of our vast resources pertaining to the study of the Ancient Greek language and its literature, broken down into different categories of materials, both digital and in print.





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