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Swahili Children's Books: Authors of Swahili Children's Books

Swahili children's books are now available but this information is not readily available. This LibGuide serves as a space to access Swahili children's books at UIUC and online.

Corona Cermak



Corona Cermak was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She studied law at the University of London in the UK. She now lives in Brno, Czech Republic, with her husband and their two children. Corona works as a kindergarten teacher, inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to education. She enjoys writing stories for children. Her latest book is Rooster's voice also in Swahili Sauti ya Jogoo. Readers can enjoy this books in Swahili and English.  Discover the world of farm animals, the sounds they make, the food they eat, where they live and even who has a bigger appetite than the others. The story is accompanied by colorful illustrations in the East Africa Tinga Tinga style so that children will have fun while they learn. These books can be purchased on Amazon. Additionally, she hosts exciting activities for children in Swahili on Facebook at Mtoto ni akili huru/A child is a free mind-Corona on Facebook.


Nyambura Mpesha, PhD

Nyambura Mpesha holds a PhD of Kenyatta University, Kenya where she taught Children's Literature to undergraduates and postgraduates for 17 years before joining Calvin College, Michigan. She is now a language instructor of Swahili at Michigan University. She has done extensive research in oral literature and children's literature and contributed in conferences, journals and magazines. Markedly, she is a recipient of The Jomo Kenyatta Prize for literature. As a scholar of oral literature and children's literature and made contributions in conferences, journals and magazines. Her published books include: The Happening, Kapotei Na Lulu, Junior Pilot, Nyani Mdogo, The Small Cockroach, Kemunto, Say Aah, Eleo the Chameleon, The Frog who Jumped Backwards, Mugasha, Kuku Na Mwewe, Hare and the Princess, Marafiki wa Pela, Trouble over Fare, Far, Far Away, Kamuniak and Ori, Mende Mdogo, Hanna Na Wanyama, and Chura na Mjusi.


Other Authors of Swahili Books for Children

Presently, Swahili book authors continue to emerge and flourish in East Africa and elsewhere in the world. These journal articles have listed some of these authors and their books:

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