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Using MathSciNet: Math Dept. Faculty Author IDs

What are Author IDs?

Uniquely Identifying Mathematical Authors in the Mathematical Reviews's Database

For each author a separate "author-individual" record is maintained in the MR Database, containing each published name variant associated with an author, institutional affiliations, mathematical subject classifications assigned to the author-individual's papers, coauthors, and references to papers indexed in the MR Database. Each record is headed by a "preferred name", which usually represents the fullest published form of an author's name that will distinguish the author-individual from others who publish using similar names; on occasion an unpublished full name is used as a preferred name if necessary to identify the author-individual uniquely.

MR's author identification employs a number of machine algorithms to compare a name string that appears on a paper, the institutional affiliation listed for the author, and the classification for the paper assigned by the MR editors against author-individuals already in the MR Database and find the best possible (ideally exact) match on all three elements. The programs are successful roughly eighty percent of the time. For the remaining twenty percent the program makes its "best guess" on a potential match to an author-individual in the database, using preset algorithms to rank possible matches. It is on this remaining twenty percent that the MR staff spends most of its time: the keyboarded name string is checked for typos or a mistaken name break; the intent of the journal in name presentation is carefully checked (journals do make errors in the presentation of first name/family name); alternate spellings are examined; bibliographies are checked for self-citations; coauthors are checked for a possible match. When all possibilities available via the paper at hand are exhausted, staff use internet and web-based tools to search for authors, e.g. searching for full names at university/department websites or for CV's with lists of publications. Authors are contacted by e-mail or paper mail if necessary.

- From MathSciNet "Uniquely Identifying Mathematical Authors in the Mathematical Reviews's Database"

Author IDs for the Department of Mathematics Faculty


Ahlgren, Scott 615972
Albin, Pierre 816329
Allen, Patrick 823416
Ando, Matthew 365556


Balogh, Jozsef 635121
Baryshnikov, Yuliy 220634
Bergvelt, Maarten J. 221212
Berndt, Bruce C. 35610
Berwick-Evans, Daniel 1099418
Boca, Florin P.  266512
Borman, Matthew Strom 856850
Bradlow, Steven 304864
Bronski, Jared 360400



Chong, Alfred 1125837



DeVille, Lee 682822
Dey, Partha 853770
Di Francesco, Philippe 243495
Dodd, Christopher 809350

van den Dries, Lou 59845
Dunfield, Nathan M. 341957
Dutta, Sankar P. 60965
Duursma, Iwan M. 338131



Erdogan, M. Burak 629150



Feng, Runhuan 874350
Fernandes, Rui Loja 341522
Ford, Kevin 325647





Haboush, William  79055
Heller, Jeremiah  901183
Hieronymi, Philipp  894309
Hinkkanen, Aimo  86135
Hirani, Anil  306216
Hur, Vera Mikyoung 782185



Ivanov, Sergei 221040



Junge, Marius 292431



Katz, Sheldon 198078
Kedem, Rinat 336094
Kerman, Ely 654469
Kirkpatrick, Kay 821459
Kirr, Eduard-Wilhelm 616356
Kostochka, Alexandr 105335
Kutzarova, Denka 108570



La Nave, Gabriele 748104
Laugesen,Richard S.  337007
Leininger, Chris 688414
Lerman, Eugene M. 112815
Li, Xiaochun  629053
Linders, Daniel 975897



McCarthy, Randy 255186
Mineyev, Igor 649227



Nevins, Thomas 335117
Nikolaev, Igor 225039



Oikhberg, Timur 361072



Palmore, Julian 135555
Pascaleff, James 943757





Rapti, Zoi 708411
Rezk, Charles 638495
Reznick, Bruce 147525
Ruan, Zhong-Jin 249360



Song, Renming 229187
Sowers, Richard B. 311804
Stojanoska, Vesna 857759



Tolman, Susan 342525
Tserunyan, Anush 853942
Tumanov, Alexander 189281
Tyson, Jeremy 625886
Tzirakis, Nikolaos 741098







Walton, Chelsea 879649
Wu, Jang-Mei 184770





Yong, Alexander 693975



Zaharescu, Alexandru 186235
Zharnitsky, Vadim 600382

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