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Music 418: Indigenous Musics of North America

This guide was designed to support MUS 418: Indigenous Musics of North America. It also serves as a starting point for research on Indigenous musics.

Finding Articles in Databases

Just like with finding books, it's always a good idea to brainstorm similar words that might also be used to represent your topic before you start searching. Below are some tips for getting started with keywords:

  • American Indian, Amerindian, Native American, First NationsFirst Peoples, or Indigenous
  • Specific tribe/nation (e.g. Cherokee)
  • Combining a tribe/nation with a topic (e.g. Shoshone music)

Once you find a relevant article, always look at the subjects or topics listed in the description to find related materials and help you brainstorm keywords.

Databases are listed below and grouped by discipline. If you'd like to search across several databases at once, look for an option to Choose Databases by the search bar. Here you can select additional databases to search at the same time.

Article Databases