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Italian Studies: Media

Media Databases

Access World News provides users with articles from over 600 U.S. sources and over 700 international sources. To search for articles in Italian, use the advanced search function. You may also look specifically for news publications based in Italy by going to the source list and typing Italy into the search bar. Additionally, you can save your search if you'd like to return to it.

Ethnic NewsWatch provides access to ethnic and minority presses. You can search specifically for Italian language or Italian-focused articles and presses through the advanced search function, or do a basic keyword search and narrow your results to the parameters of your choice. Resources available include magazines, newspapers, and journals.

The Foreign Broadcast Information Service is an archive of 20th Century news from around the world. Users can narrow their search based on country, language, article type, and publication. 

Library PressReader provides access to over 700 newspapers from 55 countries, including Italy. Newspapers are searchable by country, language, or title, and are shown in their original format.

Newspaper Source provides articles from U.S. and international newspapers, as well as television and radio transcripts. 

ProQuest Historical Newspapers is a digital archive of significant newspapers dating back to the 18th Century. Full-text and full-image articles are provided, with over 30 million digitized pages in the database.


La Cucina Italiana is a food and gastronomy magazine that has both English and Italian language editions. The magazine is free to read online and provides recipes, cooking hacks, travel food guides, and articles that cover special and specific topics. 

Donna Moderna is a weekly women's fashion magazine. Articles are primarily about beauty, makeup, style, food, fitness, news, and wellness. 

L'Espresso is one of the most popular news magazines in Italy. Published weekly, articles cover politics, economics, opinion pieces, and is well known for its investigative journalism.

Based in Milan, Focus is a science and technology magazine published monthly. Articles cover topics like health, technology, science, and social issues. Its website divides topics up by science, the environment, culture and history, and the social sciences. 

Gambero Rosso is an Italian food and wine magazine. In addition to publishing restaurant reviews, recipes, and food-related news, the magazine publishes a sought-after wine list every year.

Giallo Zafferano is a food and gastronomy magazine that provides recipes for just about any kind of dish you can imagine. With several options to refine your search, you can find any type of recipe on their website, be it vegetarian, gluten free, or something else.

Panorama is a news magazine, and is one of L'Espresso's top competitors. Published weekly, articles focus on national and worldwide news, the economy, technology, sports, and even culture, including travel and lifestyle sections. 

Sorrisi e Canzoni TV is a great place to read about Italian popular culture. Weekly issues cover topics like television, film, and music, and articles include reviews of media and news from the entertainment world, 


Corriere Della Sera is an Italian newspaper based in Milan, and is one of Italy's oldest newspapers. Published daily, the newspaper covers politics, economics, technology, and culture.

La Gazzetta dello Sport is a daily Italian newspaper that covers all things sports. It is the most widely read newspaper in Italy.

Il Giornale is a daily Italian newspaper that covers both national and global news. Its website divides its articles by type, including culture, sports, politics, and economics, among others.

Il Messaggero is a daily Italian newspaper based in Rome. News coverage includes national and global politics, news regarding the Vatican, the economy, entertainment, sports, and more.

La Repubblica is a daily newspaper based in Rome. Coverage includes politics, sports, and economics. In addition to its standard publication, there are also local editions of the newspaper.

Il Sole 24 Ore is a daily newspaper headquartered in Milan. Coverage includes world news, finance, and economics.

La Stampa is one of Italy's oldest daily newspapers and is headquartered in Turin. Distributed both within Italy and other European countries, the publication is divided by topic, and also has local editions available to read.


Italia FM is a hub for Italian radio. With a variety of stations available, simply click on the one you'd prefer to listen to. Stations cover news, popular and classic Italian music, culture, food, and more. 

Radio Italia is an Italian music radio station. With several stations to choose from, as well as available videos and a variety of blog posts (available on the website), it's a great place to find and listen to popular Italian hits. 

Radio Popolare is a political radio station. Talk shows specialize in discussing current affairs and politics, but the station also plays a wide variety of music, including international artists, Italian folk music, and more.

Radio 24 is a popular station, known mostly for its variety of talk shows. The radio covers just about any topic you can think of: politics, economics, culture, health, science, technology, and more. In addition to the talk shows, Radio 24 has a variety of articles available to read on its website. 

With a variety of talk shows and music to choose from, Rai Radio is a great resource to improve your Italian listening and speaking skills. Each of the various stations covers a different topic, whether it be sports, indie music, classical music, or just a variety of talk shows.

Television & Film

The University of Illinois Library has a massive collection of media located on the 5th floor of the Main Stacks, where you can find plenty of Italian language films to suit your needs. 

Netflix has a variety of Italian language television, film, and documentaries. Simply search for media in Italian, and you'll be provided with a massive list of results. 

Note: You will need an account to stream film/tv from this service.

Hulu is a great resource to find Italian language television and film. If you know the movie or show you're looking to watch, it's as easy as typing it into the search bar and pressing play. You can also search for Italian language media specifically.

Note: You will need a Hulu account in order to access its services.