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Environmental Justice CHI Workshop: Web Resources

Guide to resources for secondary teachers in the Spring 2016 CHI workshop.

Evaluating your resources


  • What do already know about your subject?
  • What are your preconceived ideas or biases?
  • Do you want general or specialized information?
  • What is the central focus of your information need?
  • How much information do you require?
  • What types of information do you want?



  • How did you discover the source - an index? bibliography? reference work? web search engine?
  • What type of source is it - scholarly? general? commercial?
  • What are the author's or producer's qualifications on this topic? - education? experience? occupation? position? affiliation?
  • When was the information published?
  • Where was the information published?
  • What is the publisher's reputation and/or type - university press?  alternative press or website? commercial press or website? private organization?
  • Was the material reviewed or edited for publication?
  • Does the source show political or cultural biases?
  • Is a bibliography or other form of documentation included?
  • Is it organized so you can easily access the information you require?



  • What is the scope and purpose of the work?
  • Who is the audience for the work - general public? students? experts?
  • Is the information presented clearly and objectively?
  • Is the work suitable for your level of understanding of the subject?
  • Does it have the features you need - graphs? tables? charts?
  • Does it contain the information you need?


- from Evaluating Information: A Basic Checklist by the American Library Association

Spotting Fake News

How to Spot Fake News

Reliable Resources

World Bank Environmental and Social Framework 2016  - Search for additional resources at the World Bank.  It has made its data open to all at World Bank Open Data where you can find the World Development Indicators and a good deal of historical data.

Environment Protection Agency/U.S. - An entire section of the website is devoted to the concept of environmental justice. 

EJSCREEN Mapping Tool - Challenging but informative mapping tool covering many of the issues researched by the EPA.

The Guardian - U.S. Environmental Justice part of the news site.

CNN Lesson Plans - A collection of various plans curated by CNN news

Environmental Law, United Nations - You might want to download the title Environmental Justice – Comparative Experiences in Legal Empowerment

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - One of the largest recent reports on the effects of climate change.

Sustainability Organizations