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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Music, Politics, and the Public Sphere (Class): Course Readings

Music is often associated with the creativity, pleasure, leisure, and aesthetic appreciation, while politics are associated with the organization of public life. What then might be the relationship between music, politics, and the public sphere?

Class 2: Tuesday, January 26 Music, Politics, Identity.

Class 3: Tuesday, February 2 Music & Identity; power and hegemony; political economy

Class 4: Tuesday, February 9 Music, Place and Nation making 1 (Classical music focus)

Class 5: Tuesday, February 16 Music, Place and Nation 2: complicating the ‘nation’ paradigm

Class 6: Tuesday, February 23 Music and the Nationless: The Roma

Class 7: Tuesday, March 1 Music and ethno-national conflict 1 (initial theorizations; case studies in the music of [the defunct] Yugoslavia of the 1990s).

Class 8: Tuesday, March 8 Music and ethno-national conflict 2: Israel-Palestine

Class 9: Tuesday, March 15 Post 9-11 world I: Music, political violence, censorship

Class 10: Tuesday, March 29 Post 9/11 world II: sonic life of the ‘Global War on Terror’

Class 11: Tuesday, April 5 Music and governmentality

Class 12: Tuesday, April 12 Music, Social Movements and Change 1: The Arab Spring

Class 13: Tuesday, April 19 Music, Social Movements and Change 2: South Africa