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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


This guide will provide you with an introduction to using the HathiTrust Digital Library.


Q: Can a librarian download and email the book to me?

A: If you are affiliated with U of I or with another HathiTrust partner institution, a librarian can email you an entire document.

Q: How do I find the DPI of photos?

A: You can find the DPI of photos from HathiTrust by putting the image into Adobe Photoshop or another software program which lists a photo’s DPI.

Q: Where can I get high quality and other formats of HathiTrust images?

A: Users can access higher quality images and other file formats for page images via the HathiTrust Data API.

Q. I need more help. Who do I contact at the HathiTrust? 

A. You can email if you have questions or feedback for HathiTrust.