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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Illinois and Chicago Firms

This guide has been created for any students wishing to research the business environment and business potential in Illinois or the Chicago area.

Main Resources

Hoover's Academic Pro

The Build A List feature appears in the top right of the homepage. In the Build A List page, then click the "+" next to each option to expand it. All searches start with the full database of ~85 million companies, and each parameter you add narrows the number of companies. When you are done adding parameters, click "View Results" at the bottom to see the list of companies. In the list, click on the name of any company to access that company's profile. To just see a company's profile, type the company's name in the search box on the Hoovers homepage.

To access, click the red GO button next to Mergent Databases, then click Continue. If you are working off campus, you will be asked to provide your NetID and password.

Nexis Uni

On the home page, select 'Company Info' from there you can search for Company profiles, analyst reports, mergers and acquisitions, SEC Filings or just general company information. 


Database of financial data on major privately-held companies. Includes private financials and revenues; private M&A deals and deal multiples, private firm valuations, VC funding, private equity deal history; and private and family ownership data. On the main page under Quick Private Company Screener, click on Advanced Private Company Screener where you will have the option to search by city.

To access, click the red GO button next to Databases Databases, then you will be asked to create a login with your university email address. If you are working off campus, you will be asked to provide your NetID and password.