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GCL 129: Sustainable Design and the Public Realm in India: Journals & Articles

This is a course guide designed to help students enrolled in GCL 129 "Sustainable Design and the Public Realm in India" with their research assignments.

How to Find Journal Articles

1). If you are looking for a known item:

2). If you are exploring a topic, try using an article index such as the Bibliography of Asian Studies.

Google Scholar

For Google fans, you may also try searching Google Scholar. If you are on campus and find an article of interest in Google Scholar, you will be able to use the "Discover UIUC" link to easily see if the library has access to the article. If we don't own the article, you can place an Interlibrary Loan request.

But is it Scholarly?

If you're in doubt as to whether the article you found is scholarly or not, the Undergraduate Library has put together a helpful guide to help you check.

Quick Article Search

One quick way to begin searching for articles is to use the "Articles" tab on the library homepage.

Simply type your subject in the search box and, if you wish, select the best subject from the drop down menu. For this project, I recommend "Arts & Humanities". This is as easy way to search multiple article databases at once.

Selected Indexes & Databases

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