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Global Utopias Project Resource Guide

Teachers' Workshop

The next professional development workshop for teachers was on Saturday, April 30, 2016 and the theme was "Utopian Communities":

We focused on visions and practices of community as sites for creating alternatives to the present and for the future--across the world and the United States.

The program for the 2016 workshop is available here.

Free Web Resources Related to 2016 Workshop Presentations for Teachers and Students

American Utopian Communities:

America and the Utopian Dream (Yale University Library)

Utopian Communities, 1800-1890 (Yale University Library)

Library of Congress Digital Exhibit about an American Colony in Jerusalem

Website on the town of Pullman, Illinois  (created by the Pullman Museum)

"America's Company Towns, Then and Now" (an article accompanied by photographs from Smithsonian Magazine)

Life Magazine special issue on "Youth Communes," July 1969 (Google Books)

Resources on the Soviet Union:

"Soviet Russia in its Early Years"  (A Collection of Photographs Presented to the New York Public Library)

Soviet Poster Collection (Duke University Library)

Resources on post-Arpartheid South Africa:

Resources from the South African Apartheid Museum

South African History Online Website Archive

Source Lab:

SourceLab Website

SourceLab is an initiative started by the History Department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Its goal is two-fold: to improve the presentation of historical primary sources online and making these presentation of historical sources student-centered. Students will be in charge of writing and publishing the information accompanying these online historical sources.

Primary sources/lesson plans portal sites:

Guide to finding lesson plans (resource list compiled by the UIUC Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library --see "Social Studies" section)

History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library Digital Collections guide (digitized primary source collections --note that while offsite access to most of these collections is limited to UIUC-affiliated users, they can be used onsite by everyone)

Books for Teachers and Students

Selected Freely Available Primary Sources


Bringing Down a Dictator  (2002) 

Directed by Steve York, this documentary covers the protests in Serbia that led to the eventual overthrow of dictator Slobodan Milosevic.