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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Algebraic Geometry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Faculty

Algebraic Geometry Faculty

Bradlow, Steven: Differential geometry, gauge theory, holomorphic vector bundles, moduli spaces.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 304864 | Scopus Author ID: 6602585851

Dodd, Christopher: Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry, D-modules, Geometric Representation Theory.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 809350 | Scopus Author ID: 16174702400

Duursma, Iwan: Number theory, Arithmetic geometry, Coding Theory and Cryptography.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 338131 | Scopus Author ID: 56043121400

Haboush, William: Algebraic groups and homogeneous spaces.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 79055 | Scopus Author ID: 16491451200

Heller, Jeremiah: Motivic homotopy theory, algebraic cycles and K-theory.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 901183 | Scopus Author ID: 55241931000

Katz, Sheldon: Algebraic geometry, string theory.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 198078 | Scopus Author ID: 35599974000

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