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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Algebra at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Faculty

Algebra Faculty

Di Francesco, Philippe: Mathematical Physics, Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics, Integrable models of Statistical Physics, Cluster Algebra, Matrix models, Quantum (Conformal) Field Theory.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 243495 | Scopus Author ID: 7005681973

Dutta, Sankar: Commutative algebra.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 60965 | Scopus Author ID: 7402667093

Duursma, Iwan: Cryptography, algebraic geometry.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 338131 | Scopus Author ID: 56043121400

Haboush, William: Algebraic geometry.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 79055 | Scopus Author ID: 16491451200

Ivanov, Sergei: Combinatorial group theory and its applications.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 221040 | Scopus Author ID: 35746046500

Katz, Sheldon: Algebraic geometry, string theory.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 198078 | Scopus Author ID: 35599974000

Kedem, Rinat: Mathematical physics, representation theory of infinite dimensional Lie algebras, quantum groups, and vertex algebras, integrable models statistical mechanics and quantum field theory.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 336094 | Scopus Author ID: 6603902907

McCarthy, Randy: Algebraic K-theory, algebraic topology.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 255186 | Scopus Author ID: 7202095308

Mineyev, Igor: Geometric group theory, large-scale geometry, hyperbolic groups, various types of homology and cohomology of groups and spaces, topology of manifolds and cell complexes, metric conformal structures, metric geometry.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 649227 | Scopus Author ID: 6602270466

Reznick, Bruce: Combinatorial methods in algebra, analysis, number theory, combinatorics, geometry.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 147525 | Scopus Author ID: 6603211189

Yong, Alexander: Combinatorial aspects of algebra and geometry; algebraic combinatorics.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 693975 | Scopus Author ID: 23394394000

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