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Seminar: Children, Culture, and Violence (Law 792-AA): Background

Prepared to help students select topics and find relevant research materials for their course papers.

Family Law topics?

Just a casual, quick show of hands: considering writing on one of these areas under the general heading of traditional Family Law?

Family Law topics?
Custody and Visitation: 0 votes (0%)
Marriage or Divorce/Dissolution: 0 votes (0%)
Termination of Parental Rights: 0 votes (0%)
Children in Foster / State Care: 0 votes (0%)
Other: 0 votes (0%)
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Family law is generally a matter for the states.  Therefore, when looking for primary law, consider the jurisdiction you are interested in.  State laws, cases and administrative material can be found on Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg Law or Loislaw. 

Valuable information is also available from the judicial and legislative website of each state. Links to each state's official pages can be found here:

50 state surveys of family law issues can be found on the ABA Section of Family Law and the Journal: Family Court Review.  There may be others collected by other agencies or associations.

Basic Resources