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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Number Theory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Faculty

Number Theory Faculty

Ahlgren, Scott: Modular forms and number theory.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 615972 | Scopus Author ID: 7005668949

Allen, Patrick: Galois representations and automorphic forms.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 823416 | Scopus Author ID: 56197539400

Berndt, Bruce: Ramanujan's notebooks, elliptic functions, theta-functions, q-series, continued fractions, character sums, classical analysis.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 35610 | Scopus Author ID: 7004688709

Boca, Florin: Diophantine approximation, spacing statistics.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 266512 | Scopus Author ID: 7003959106

Ford, Kevin: Arithmetic functions, probabilistic number theory, Weyl sums, comparative prime number theory, sieve theory, Riemann zeta function.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 325647 | Scopus Author ID: 7102539414

Reznick, Bruce: Sums of squares of polynomials, combinatorial number theory.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 147525 | Scopus Author ID: 6603211189

Zaharescu, Alexandru: Number theory.
MathSciNet MR Author ID: 186235 | Scopus Author ID: 7005080281

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