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Stage Lighting: Online Resources and Internships

A guide to point users to resources about the study and practice of stage lighting.

Useful Websites

These are all websites that offer educational information that may aid in your class study, research, and practical experience.

Archival Research Resources

There are multiple archival theater collections around the United States that offer great online guides to their holdings.  While you may not have the resources to access these collections in persion, their online finding aids can still provide information on important primary resources, adding depth to your research.  Some archives may be willing to send copies of information for a fee or free.  

Check out more in: Wilson, Fredric Woodbridge, et. al. "Archival Resources for Research in Stage Lighting."  Performing Arts Resources Vol. 25, p. 68-89. 2006.


You may be interested in joining some of these professional organzations as well as learn from their helpful resources.  These links are ordered based on the organization's focus on stage lighting.


Receive practical experience and add a great credential to your resume by applying for these internships.  This is simply a list of some stage lighting internships and programs.