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Sociology 480: Methods of Field Research: Qualitative Methods: Sociological Abstracts Database

Sociological Abstracts - Key Features

Sociological Abstracts is the preeminent database covering scholarly publications in sociology, 1963-present. Through a search of this database, you will find article citations and abstracts from journals in sociology and closely related disciplines, as well as citations for books, dissertations, and other relevant content.

Sociological Abstracts Search Screen

A.     Use this dropdown to combine search terms (AND, OR, NOT)

B.     Use this dropdown to choose what part of the article’s database entry you will search. Ex. All fields (keyword); Subject Heading (Thesaurus terms); etc.

C.     Check to limit results to Peer-reviewed articles

D.     Use the Thesaurus to find Subject Headings to use in your search

E.      Use this dropdown and click "All Databases" to search through 142 databases.


Sociological Abstracts Results Screen

F.     Use these suggested Subject headings related to your current search to do a new search using those headings.

G.     Use these options to narrow your search results by type of source, subject heading, date, etc.

H.     Click the Discover Full Text link to find the full text of the article

I.     Use these links to e-mail or print your selected citations, view them in the browser (“Cite”) or send them (“Export”) to a citation manager (ie. Refworks).