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Statistics in the University Archives: Safety/Crime

A finding aid for undergraduate students looking for statistics in the archives


  • The archives changes over time.   The organization of the archives evolves.  Don't hesitate to ask for help!
  • Plan your search. Be sure you have a clear idea of how to approach your topic. Review "Searching the Archives".
  • Try preliminary searches.  Keep in mind that "Subjects" are not keywords and not the same as the subject headings used in the library.   You may need to be creative in your search.
  • Identify the location. If you search the archives database "Archon," and find record series that look promising, make note of the location of the files. 
  • Digital records. When materials are digitized by our archives, the title of those documents may begin with the words "Digital surrogate of..."
  • When all else fails - ask an archivist!! 

Online Resources

Annual Campus Security Report 2013. This report has data from 2010 through 2013 for the University of Illinois.  The report is available from the University of Illinois Department of Safety.

Campus Safety and Security Data from the U.S. Department of Education. This site allows you to compare statistics or view a single institution by entering specific criteria.  Data are available for 2001-2010 as Excel spreadsheets.  The database will display comparative information for individual campuses for 2010-1012.

Finding information on safety/crime

Statistics on bicycle safety, crime on campus, and other related topics are more difficult to locate at the archives because of changing responsibilities.  In short, the "Facilities and Services Office" did not exist in the early years of the university.  Various responsibilities for parking, campus  safety, etc. were covered by other offices.

So how do you find the departments you need?  Start with a subject search under "Crime" in the Archon database.  Notice that the Subject list has one reference: Crime Prevention.  Only three results appear and the Campus Security Office seems the best option. 


2. Note the group:  the Campus Security Office is administratively under "Facilities and Services" . 

3.  The records in this sub-group contain limited information.  In such cases, it is helpful to examine the first office in the administrative division, often a Dean's Office or Director. This person usually receives reports from all offices in the division so it is a good starting point.

4.  One of the first record series listed within a Dean or Director's subgroup is often a "Subject File".  This record series is useful, as it frequently contains general reports and and statistical reviews.    You may also discover subject terms that will help with your search.

5.  To see the contents of the Subject File, read the Box/Folder List.  Note: The record series description is general.  Do not skip reading the Folder List!

6.  To illustrate, in the below Box/Folder List there is nothing under "crime," but there is a long-term report under "Safety".  This is a good starting point, but to find earlier information you will need to look elsewhere, as the earliest date in this file is 1962. 

Subject Guide

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Earlier Information

The Daily Illini is a rich source of online information.   Like all newspapers, it contains a variety of information and it can be biased.  

Information on campus crime/safety is also located in the Board of Trustees Minutes.