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CHEM 203: SciFinder

Resources for CHEM 203

SciFinder Web

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SciFinder Web provides bibliographic and patent information from Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) from 1907 to the present. It is available to U of I users 24 hours per day. In order to search SciFinder Web, you must be a current affiliate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and you must register for a SciFinder Web account.  In addition, you must read and agree to the license agreement set forth by CAS.

You must connect to SciFinder Web via a University of Illinois IP address, that is, from on-campus locations or off campus through the proxy connection from the Chemistry Library Web page.

If you have trouble registering to use SciFinder, please contact Chemical Abstracts Service at They can reset your password and make any necessary changes to your registration information.

ACS Publications

ACS Journals List -- All scholarly journals and magazines published by the American Chemical Society.

ACS Symposium Series -- Started in 1949 with electronic access to full-text e-books starting in 1974.  Includes Advances in Chemistry book series.


Tips and More

  • If you do not see links to full text of articles in SciFinder, you will need to disable your browser's pop-up blocker.
  • Use citations from a good, on-target article to expand your list of references.
  • Find an article without limiting to preparations and check its citation list. The author most likely has cited the original preparation.
  • It is NOT necessary to put the formula in Hill Order when searching SciFinder by Molecular Formula.

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