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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Water Filtration Engineering - Westfall: Databases

A guide to information source for Ms. Westfall's Fall 2013 Senior Engineering class.

Tips and Tricks

Quotations, quotations, quotations! These are invaluable for specificity in searching.

Follow the little blue box. The "Discover Full-Text" link should connect you to the complete document, either in the same database or within a different database subscribed to by the University-- let the links lead you!

Can't locate the full text of a document? Try running a Google search of the title. It's not a foolproof solution, but can come in handy!

Overwhelmed by the number of results? Look around!  Database results pages often provide tools to narrow down your results. Common options include sorting by publication date, document type, and geographic area, among others.

Multidisciplinary Databases

Specialized Databases

These databases are designed to provide information for the sciences. Follow the Discover Full-Text blue box for complete articles!