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Ethanol and the Fire Service: Preparing for Ethanol Emergencies

Quick Guides


Research by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden investigating ethanol tank fires

Combustible Dust

Ethanol Emergency Response Coalition

The Ethanol Emergency Response Coalition includes partners in industry and the fire service and is dedicated to providing the knowledge first responders need to respond to ethanol incidents. Very helpful website for fire service personnel who want to learn more about hazards of ethanol and how the fire service should prepare for ethanol emergencies.


Resources Page includes numerous helpful links, including videos on ethanol response (which feature the tests of different foams); a complete Training Guide to Ethanol Emergency Response broken into 8 modules; and a Training Toolbox that includes several reports on different aspects of ethanol safety. You can expand the the different sections on the page above to find materials for each separate module.

The videos and training guide are also available at the IFSI Library. The videos and training guide are part of the Ethanol Response Considerations DVD and CD-ROM. The training guide alone is part of the Responding to Ethanol Incidents and Ethanol Fixed Facilities Assessment and Guide CD-ROM.

These are links to the IFSI library catalog; to request the item from the library, click on "Add to Request Bin" and fill out the request form. Note that the same items appear in the Library Resources box on this guide's homepage.

Community Planning Documents

Ethanol plant in West Burlington, Iowa

Articles and short reports

Response Guides

These more lengthy reports provide detailed considerations for ethanol response.

Ethanol Emergency Response by the Industry