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Introduction to Research at the Library

Learn to think like a librarian! This guide is an introduction (or a refresher) to using the library to find books and journal articles.


There are many support services available at the Library to help with all stages of your assignments - from choosing a topic, to conducting your research, to writing up or presenting your findings. We even have loanable technology you can borrow for your coursework or for personal use! Browse the services and programs below for a sampling of the resources available to you at UIUC!

Many of these services and consultations are available both in-person and online and to both in-person and fully-online students, so explore the services below and choose the attendance option that best fits your needs.

Research, Writing, and Speaking Support

Get free research, writing, and speaking support from experts at the Library and the Writers Workshop. To learn more and sign up for an appointment, check out the Teaching, Learning, and Academic Support unit's page on support services!

Research Consultations

Receive help and support with your research assignment. Learn how to brainstorm a topic, develop a focused research question, plan a research strategy, and look for sources to use in your papers! Appointments available in person and online.

Writing Consultations

The Writers Workshop is a great resource for your writing questions! The Writers Workshop is here to help with both academic and professional writing, and you can make an appointment to get help and feedback at any stage of the writing process - you don't need to have a finished paper to make an appointment. Appointments available in person and online.

Speaking Consultations

Get help with all things related to public speaking and presentations through UIUC's Speaking Center!

Subject Specialists

Subject specialist librarians are great for research in higher level, subject specific, classes and for graduate students. Because specialists are experts in their area of specialization and are responsible for acquiring new Library materials related to their discipline, they are the best point of contact when you're having trouble finding information or data related to your research!


The University Library is committed to providing effective accommodations for students with disabilities. In addition to the consultation services outlined above, the Library has specific services and accommodations in place to help users with disabilities make the most efficient use of library facilities, materials and services. 

Check out the Information for Users with Disabilities guide (linked below) for an overview of assistive technology installed in computers across campus libraries, accessible study spaces, and alternative means of accessing collections materials like requesting digital scans or having physical items paged and held for you at the circulation desk of your choosing.

Study & Collaboration Spaces

Need a place to study privately or work on a collaborative group project? Check out our list of Study & Collaboration Spaces to Reserve to learn more about the options available to you.

If you are looking for a general study space and want to know if it will meet your needs, explore the Study Space Directory for images of each space and the noise level you can expect there.