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Roller Coasters - Bild: Finding Books

Research guide for Mr Bild's class.

Narrow Your Search to Books at Uni Library

Here is how to find books at Uni using the UIUC Online Catalog.

1. First do a search in the UIUC Online Catalog.

2. Once you have your search results, use the sidebar on the right side to limit your search results by LOCATION.

Narrow your search.

3. Write down the call number and search the stacks at Uni for your book!

Using Books

Books are another valuable resource in any research paper or project. Books (as opposed to articles) generally possess the following characteristics:

  • Longer in length
  • Good sources of background and historical information
  • Often contain footnotes and lengthy bibliographies

Finding Books Online

Use the following online catalogs to search for books using the subject headings found below as search terms:

Roller Coaster Books On Reserve