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Art & Design: Basic Sources

This resource is not intended to be an exhaustive list of resources in the specified areas. On the contrary, it serves as a starting point for research and a guide to important and substantive works in respective areas.


All indexes listed here are available online via Ricker Library's homepage, or through the Online Journals and Databases page.

Festschriften: A Festschrift is a collection of scholarly essays written in honor of a well known person or institution. Usually Festschriften are cited in bibliographies and footnotes under a shortened title giving only the honored person's name, such as Festschrift Janson. This can make them difficult to locate, but researchers need to search diligently for these valuable tools, because Festschriften can provide (1) material which is international in scope, (2) essays on narrow topics that are not published elsewhere, and (3) biographical data on the honored person.

Additional Resources


Several of the databases discussed on this page can be accessed directly from the Ricker Library's homepage.

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